Teacher Storage and Teaching Walls

by dontregartha May 4, 2017

The disadvantage of temporary spaces or even fitting out existing spaces is that there is frequently a lack of efficient teacher storage. This usually results in the allocation of one or two tall standard cupboards providing only one type of shelved storage solution, and whatever containers the teacher can source themselves. These cupboards tend to line the walls of rooms or clutter corners and reduce useable teaching space.

Many schools have invested in ‘teaching walls’: a static piece of furniture integrating fitted storage, interactive whiteboard, write-on white board, and trays. However, until recently these have been bespoke fitted pieces of furniture that are expensive and non transferable. Another significant pedagogical limitation is that they do tend to limit teacher activity to one wall of the room.

For those schools keen to maximise space and streamline storage, a new modular, versatile teaching wall solution is now available, providing a variety of storage, shelves, drawers, trays (both lockable and accessible), space for a digital screen or interactive projector and sliding doors which reveal and hide items as required. Every surface can be made from a write-on material, providing plenty of flexibility for the teacher and teaching assistants to position themselves at different points along the wall to work with different small groups. The joy of this system is that being modular it can be simply and easily transferred to a different room or location at minimal expense and secured in place. This versatility is important to schools using temporary spaces.



Photo credit: VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG.