Pumpkin Carving

by Sue Colby October 16, 2017

Get creative and design & carve some spooky pumpkin faces with this brilliant #WhatsInMyTray activity!

You will need…

  • A Gratnells art tray
  • A selection of pumpkins or squash in different shapes, sizes or colours.
  • A knife (to be used with close adult supervision)
  • Spoons for scooping out the flesh
  • A template for your spooky design, or you can design your own.
  • Scissors
  • Pritt stick

What to do…

  • Head to the local supermarket and select some pumpkins that will comfortably fit in Gratnells trays
  • Source some spooky pumpkin design templates online or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can make your own design. Cut out your template and set aside for later.
  • Place your pumpkin into a Gratnells tray and cut a circle in the top around the stalk. Use an angled cut so that the lid won’t fall through when you put it back on.
  • Remove your lid and scoop out the insides. These can be discarded or kept if desired.
  • Take your template and glue it to the outside of your pumpkin as a guide. Carefully cut around the shapes into the skin of the pumpkin. This may be difficult and will definitely require close adult supervision.
  • Once your pumpkin is fully carved, pop a battery powered light or candle inside and dim the main lights in your room. Watch your creation come to life as the light flickers through the holes in the pumpkin.

Health and Safety

As always with all Gratnells Learning Rooms activities you should carry out your own risk assessments prior to undertaking any activities with children. Children shouldn’t operate sharp objects and should be closely supervised during this activity. This activity is better carried out as a demonstration or presentation if working with children under the age of 18.