Flexible and Interchangeable

by dontregartha May 4, 2017

A modern learning room is one in which a range of pedagogical approaches can be used as the need arises. Shifting furniture to one side for drama activity, clustering desks into groups for joint project work or pushing two chairs together for one-to-one discussion should take seconds, not minutes.

A modern learning room is also where furniture suits need; activity is not dictated by the resources available but by the interests and requirements of pupils. Desks in a room do not all have to look alike. Combinations of different desks within one room can open up new possibilities for configuring different learning activities in the same space. A learning room does not always function independently but can be paired or zoned in a group. This offers the chance to equip different rooms in different ways and helps tight budgets stretch further. Pupils may then move to different rooms to undertake different activities. The organisational approach favoured by the leadership team today may evolve and transform in the future, meaning that whatever approach is adopted, furniture has to be able to cope with myriad forms of activity.