About Learning Rooms

About Learning Rooms

What is the “Gratnells Learning Rooms” Project?

Created in 2012 by Gratnells, the Learning Rooms project not only celebrates the value of different learning environments, it seeks to turn outmoded classroom models into places where both teaching and learning become inspirational, motivational and exciting.

Learning Rooms Matter

Through increasing evidence from academic research and personal testimony around the world, it’s clear that the physical setting and arrangement of a classroom can have a profound effect on the way children learn, play and interact with each other and with the teacher.

How We’re Doing it

Working with partners in technology, design, architecture and teaching we’re helping to create a blueprint for the classrooms of today, tomorrow and the future.

A Gratnells Learning Room is a whole-systems plan conceived to deliver the best and most effective educational setting through enlightened design and layout both inside and outside the classroom.

Enhancing the Learning Environment

The principles and vision of the Learning Rooms project are encapsulated in our book ‘Enhancing the learning environment’.