About Learning Rooms

The child's journey through school

Every child's introduction to the world of education is shaped and defined by the physical environment. Each child needs to share space for play, to own space for personal belongings and to feel welcome in the space to learn.

Gratnells Learning Rooms

The role of Gratnells Learning Rooms in the physical environment in which teachers teach and children learn - as explained in the concept of the third teacher - embodies a number of principles which designers can use to inform their work. Explore the learning environment...

Improving the learning environment - useful resources

Here we will share a number of useful resources to support the design, planning and curriculum of the 'learning rooms'.

About the project

Working with partners in technology, design, architecture and teaching we're helping to create a blueprint for the classrooms of today, tomorrow and the future.

Let the sunshine in... increasing daylight in classrooms has been shown to cut down on absenteeism and improve test scores.

The Third Teacher